Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Scooter Rage - It's a mod thing

What is it about the general (generally stupid) public that they feel they have the duty to accost scooter riders and make motherly obtuse comments about our riding ability or behaviours? Not to mention moronic retards driving several tonnes of metal who think it their god given function in life to run you off the road because you sneaked ahead of them in a queue.

I mean for fucks sake if I was on a Triumph Bonneville 850 they wouldn't dare come near me.

Riding to work this morning at a round about a queue of traffic was banked up, my usual behaviour in this situation is to carefully pick my way to the start of the queue - gods sake, that's the reason WHY I ride a scooter. As I slowed scooted my way to the front a car in front of me spotted me and move forward and right to stop my progress, this just made me laugh because I simply ran the diagonal directly behind her and continued up the left hand side of the stationary traffic.

I glanced in the passenger side window as I cruised past only to see this haggard frustrated middle aged cow who's spent far too long sunbathing in her youth mouthing obsenities that I had no chance of hearing - her head was doing figure 8 movements with irritation at the fact that I didn't have to sit like her in a non-moving vehicle.

Anyway - the story continues. I stopped at pak-and-save for a muffin, they do the best muffins, great price too. As I emerged with my muffin, there she was, she was visiting pak and save too. She let rip with this tirade about how I ought to be careful - blah blah blah. I just laughed and scooted off.


I think it was Nietzsche that said the 'ideal world' is lie concocted to deprive reality of its value, its meaning, its truth. How can people bear to move through their lives with this collectively imposed ideology of mediocrity. Why should I want to live by the ideals of others, others that hold no importance or significance to me. I feel sorry for that woman, living her life with little more than the empty blandishments offered up via her motherly chastisements and passionless asceticism

Ok, enough - I'm going to eat my muffin now.