Wednesday, June 28, 2006

NZ's Energy Problems Coming Home to Roost!

The trade deficit is out of control and while the evidence mounts that we are at peak oil now, or at least before the end of the decade rabid fuckwittery by the government is not in short supply with yet further announcements of motorway building spending sprees...
Trade deficit explodes Govt crosses its fingers

Aucklanders ought to prepare themselves for further power cuts this winter as energy consumption maxes out with tedious regularity.
Electricity demand hits another high

Don't expect to catch public transport - railway industrial action means there is no room on the trains.

And as the US "driving season" gets underway - expect further rises in the price of petrol.
Oil Prices Surge as Stocks Plunge

Yet the comatose obese public (continue to be fed by the equally corpulent, brain-dead media) all pimped out on "Dancing with the Stars" and Nicole Kidmans wedding worry about whether they should hock the mortgage to buy the new Ford Explorer, as they continue to munch down the Cheezels. Cluelessness abounds as we steadily march towards the cliff all the while extending the quarter acre suburban dream beyond the 1 hour commute barrier.

Don't worry punters "I'm sure they'll come up with something" (yeah right)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hon Harry Duynhoven at odds with Prime Minister

I suggested to Harry Duynhoven that mainstream opinion about when peak oil might occur was not synonymous for bullshit "business as usual" international energy agency rhetoric. I pointed out to Harry that the Prime Minister agrees with me, not him nor the IEA. And I suggested he should garner the guts to say that the Prime Minister's opinion like mine and many others is just scaremongering nonsense as he (by inference) suggests?

Rt. Hon Helen Clark

"we're probably not too far short of peak production, if we're not already there"

Hon Harry Duynhoven
"Based on current advice, oil production seems likely to peak sometime between 2021 and 2067, with probability highest around 2037. It is not the mainstream opinion for oil to peak in this decade."

This morning I received a letter from the Hon Harry Duynhoven, it simply restated the above quote. It's hard to imagine Harry Duynhoven as anything more intelligent than a retarded parrot, furthermore by calling me stupid (by inference) he's in fact calling the Prime Minister stupid. She should sack him, he's a gutless waste of space.

Steve McKinlay

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Major Electricity Crisis in Auckland Today!

If this isn't a wake up call what is?

It just shows what happens when the lights go out. The largest city in New Zealand has ground to complete a halt. Electricity has been out since this morning because a single 110-kilovolt feeder line broke.

Basically life is cancelled today in Auckland.

I wonder - will people get it? Will this wake up the comatose public as they walk up and down stairs to their highrises apartments. No infomercials on channel 1 tonight at 7pm. Some people couldn't even leave their buildings because the gates powered by electricity didn't work.

Traffic gridlock, total fucking chaos, and news that drivers are simply ignoring the law, driving the wrong way on way streets and road raging at blocked intersections. Civilisation exists on a razor edge - when the lights go out we are back in the dark ages.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Streaming now in Glorious Stereo - for anyone here.

NZ Time 5.30pm Sunday Evening play URL in Winamp

Would be interested to know if anyone can get the alias going.

(testing the winamp crossfader)

Classic rock playlist. Building up some more hardcore playlists - if you feel like something with a bit more punch - comment away...

Friday, June 09, 2006

For my fans (all three of you)

I'm now streaming (mainly cos I got a gig in Second Life dj'ing haha) audio. What that means is I am now able to inflict my music on you (if you so desire).

You just need Winamp (downloadable free via the link) and if you're not using it to play your music on your computer your just silly - it's way the best.

Once you've got winamp, or if you already have it. Then use this URL. or if you have no luck with that the IP version is (click on the File menu then, Play URL, cut and paste the link in)

I'm not always streaming, but, well tune in and you'll find out. What will I be playing, check out my profile and you'll get an idea.