Thursday, September 17, 2009

She's Lost Control

I noticed this short story in the Dominion Post yesterday, regarding the legendary Ian Curtis wall.

And it got me thinking about the original. No not the last original - this was the last one, which has it's merits - or should I say had, thanks to Wellington City Councils anti-tagging unit.

But the original original, circa 1980. I remember going to Welly Polytech and seeing it everyday. I remember having a vinyl copy of Love Will Tear Us Apart - and remembering how amazing it was as a song.

I thought to myself Ian Curtis would be about 53 yrs old. That's not that old. He could be still making music. But then so could have Kurt Cobain.

The Ian Curtis wiki page reports the wall has been repainted - last night, 17th 2009. I was hoping to make a short documentary of the subsequent repainting, too late, I guess I played my part. ;-)