Thursday, August 26, 2004

ClusterFuck Nation

This is the title of Jim Kunstlers excellent blog. But I think his philosophy equally applies to our country (NZ). People are in for one helluva big shock. The world production of oil is peaking - that is demand is almost outpacing supply. Once this event happens, unless we begin to prepare ourselves now, basically we're screwed.

Our world is gonna change - simple as that. This governments claims that they are planning to increase tourism, spending on road infrastructure, work on further global trade deals. It's all a fucking waste of time. In 20 years we'll be burning tyres to keep warm. By next decade kids will be playing rugby on the motorways - expensive cycle and bus lanes - if there are buses running.

People are deluded if they think the way we live can continue indefinately. More suburban sprawl and housing estates, DVD's, LCD screen TV's, never ending ships with full of imported Cherokee Jeeps... this is all gonna end - soonish.

The days of sitting in your big fat gas sucking SUV chugging down KFC are drawing to a close. The global supply lines that provide the Warehouse and K-Mart with everything from cheap tacky Chinese made ornaments that clutter the mantlepiece in your energy hungry suburban McMansion to kids action figures to plastic toilet seats will falter as demand for oil outstrips the available supply.

Don't take my word for it. BP's global figures verify it.

Go and check out Jim Kunstlers ClusterFuck Archives... and get clued up.

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