Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Petrol Tax: The real reason for the hike.

"Some people have wacky ideas,” the new Republican campaign ad alleges. “Like taxing gasoline more so people drive less."

Although I tend to shy away from this sort of speculation - I'd like to propose a conspiracy theory.

Our Government is well aware of Peak Oil, the fact that sometime within the next few short years global maximum peak oil production will occur after which demand will exceed the available supply sending prices skyrocketing well beyond US$100bbl, oil production will begin an inevitable and permanent decline, with depletion figures in excess of 2-3% per year, resulting in mass global oil shortages, more resource conflict, social chaos, economic calamity, probable closure of the Warehouse meaning you'll have to do without your plastic toilet seats, fishing rods and cheap wetsuits from China.

Thus the 5% Petrol Tax is an underhanded market signal. A signal that alternatives need to be developed to our energy hungry, drive in utopia, suburban McMansion, recreational shopping lifestyles. The petrol tax is a dissuasion to you purchasing that obese black V8 SUV you had your eye on. It is a signal to the market to use alternatives such as rail transport, rickshaws and Goggomobils.

The revenue gathered from the new petrol tax will NOT infact be spent on thousands of kilometres of roading, a complete and utter waste of resources, a piteous investment in an infrastructure that has absolutely no future. In actual fact the Government gives a toss about whinging Aucklander's and their boring traffic congestion problems as much as the rest of us - Change the record Aucklander's. The rest of NZ is not interested - we are sick of your complaining, you choose to live there - suck it up.

You're worried about economic growth - in a few years, once surplus oil supply is well and truely history there will be no more economic growth. Economic growth depends on growing energy supplies. That growth is all but over. Make no mistake, as energy declines so will the economy.

So, instead of the petrol tax being spend on roads, the surplus will be spent on developing sustainable cities with energy efficient transit solutions, importing rickshaws from China obviously, reconditioning scooters and Cub Commuters.

Motorists, SUV lovers and the AA, be prepared for more motoring related rude awakenings. This is a warning especially directed at those perverted obese egotistical consumers living in recreational shoppers fantasyland. Global warming, gas guzzling V8 SUVs drivers are in for a fright as their registration fees quadruple, this will be an incentive to get over your egos, lose some weight and get on your bike. This contrary to what the Government and the media will tell you is NOT so that spagetti junction can be sorted, but so that more rickshaws can be imported, the railway system can be improved and some kind of meaningful more efficient transport system can be developed that doesn't involve overweight mothers (that according to Helen Clarke should be at work anyway) driving their chubby kids 400 metres down the road to school in V8 4WDs.

Cast your mind back to the chaos and mayhem, not to mention downright violence and aggression at the petrol pump back in the heady "carless days" era. SUV drivers had better sign up to martial arts class. There is gonna be some nasty irritation at you lot.

The funniest thing of all is that the Government blindly following the IEA's assurances, consumers blissfully living in lala land whilst driving their Jeep Cherokee's to the Warehouse on Saturday morning all the time munching on Double Whoppers with cheese are all unaware of the events unfolding before our very eyes.

Oil has increased 300% since 1999 - and it's headed higher. Why, there is no more supply for demand growth. Without cheap oil, the only safe option is to start dismantling our complex economies

A couple of years then it's Game Over!

Petrol Tax - it's just a warmup - get used to it.

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rach said...

When you think about large countries like Canada or the United States that have huge areas of unoccupied space, you wonder where they are headed when the price of oil skyrockets beyond what people are willing to pay. There are reasons why the countries that were major players before the industrial revolution differ so much in size from the countries that are major players now (look at any european map, these countries are small for a reason). Once we can no longer afford air travel and huge vehicles that go at least 100km/hr small areas that govern themselves will once again be the norm as opposed to these supersized countries. Will we make it to the global community that the politicians want to make happen or will it all collapse before then?