Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Hirsch Report - Missing in Action

Global Public Media report that the controversial "Hirsch Report" into Peak Oil has disappeared from the internet

In Brief: Half a year after its release, the Hirsch report is nowhere to be found. For several months it was archived, in PDF format, on a high school web site (, Hilltop High School in Chula Vista, Calif.). On July 7 the report disappeared from that site. The Atlantic Council ( is considering publishing the Hirsch report; however there is no projected date of release. When contacted, Dr. Hirsch replied that the document is "a public report, paid for and released by DOE NETL, and that it therefore could be reposted at will."-By Richard Heinberg

Good news. I have an original copy of the Hirsch Report, (PDF format, 1.2mb). If you want it leave me comments and I'll send it out to you.



Paul Lymath said...


Yeah, i'd love a copy. Send it to

Thanks for the link by the way. Nice Blog!


jos said...

Yes please, send a copy of the report to

Wellington parliament appears to have misplaced their copy.

Thank you for providing the information.



Anonymous said...

I'll take a copy please. That's

Good job on the blog, I'll be back....