Thursday, June 07, 2007

I can just about smell the CO2 on your breath

On Thursday 14th June I fly to Amsterdam to attend E-CAP'07, a Philosophy and Computing Conference. Check out the Conference Programme - in vivid technicolour, I am scheduled in to talk on the Saturday, just before lunch in the "Philosophy of Information and Information Technology" stream. After the conference I've been invited to visit Oxford University (PhD Supervisor is currently in residence there) later I'm heading up to Scotland.

To hell with the carbon footprint. I'm there for "academic purposes" and I'm bringing my new toy so I'll post up shots of locations and interesting sights on google maps for those interested. I've set up a "Steve in Amsterdam" map set on Google Maps - keep an eye from Saturday 16th June onwards.

Flickr Photo set (to date)

I'll be checking email and will use my blog site (here!) as a virtual base. Feel free to leave comments.

(I've disabled comment moderation so comment away willy nilly...)


rob said...

Have fun Steve,but please on your return,can we have the old Steve back,you know,the one who rants about consuming robot burbinites and ther penis replacement suvs.
Thats the Steve i know and love! :P

Steve said...

Funny you should say that Rob, I was just thinking on my way to work this morning that I'd try to look at how communities and transportation looks and works in Holland.

Will certainly work on another corrosive, sarc'y commentary on the consumer ethos ready for my return.

CJ said...

Haha - a guy loves you, thats so awesome. Ya'll should get a civil union

yalnikim said...

The multi-sided platforms gig, running at the same time as yours, looks like a goodie. Shame you can't check it out.

One thing about this conference Steve. You'll probably be the only person there that can frontside grind the big half-pipe at Waitangi Park.