Wednesday, April 02, 2003

The asia-pacific, and I guess the world, appears on the verge of mass hysteria... "SARS".

It apparently will kill 4% of those who contract it. Roughly four in every hundred people will die that become infected. It's interesting how the emergence of this virus occurred almost simultaneously with the start of the Iraq invasion - The doomsday freaks will be having a field day. Of course the end is nigh, just look at the evidence - and it was all predicted of course by Revelations, and Nostrodamous... well, actually it was predicted in my world by microbiologists.

...joining the list of doomsday crack pots may well be the anti-GE fringe. "see this is what happens if you tamper with nature" This must have been caused by genetic engineers trying to cross a pig with a chicken.

...other conspiracists might have Saddam Hussien releasing thousands of chickens into mainland China infected with this bizzare virus.

Yeah right, I'm off to have a Tui.

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