Friday, April 04, 2003

Star(f)bucks: Who drinks coffee at this place anyway, I mean for gods sake it's the shitey-ist coffee there is (I know this because I tried it once). Now if you want a decent coffee go to Lido (Victoria St, Wellington, NZ - even the French love it), or Marios (Brunswick St, Melbourne), or Brio (Bronte Beach, Sydney), or, The Chocolate Fish, (Karaka Bay Rd, Scorching Bay, Wellington, NZ), anywhere except Starbucks.

I think this is cashing in on laziness. Stick a Starbucks cafe on the corner of a busy road and people would rather drink shite coffee out of stupid looking thick lipped mugs whilst sitting in commercially viable yet banal sterile and uninspiring environments listening to some trite overexposed "latest groovy sound" because they're too dog-arse lazy to walk an extra 3 mins down the road.

It's an unfortunate commentary on the state of our society - consumed by consumerism, the competition is the colour TV, feed-em mediocrity, shite coffee and fat, takeaway or sit in - as long as you don't mind sitting on moulded plastic seats designed for people 3 times smaller than those that use them. what's going on at Bahgdad Airport...

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