Monday, December 04, 2006

Closing the Collapse Gap
by Dimtry Orlov

Article Sourced from Energy Bulletin

Highly recommended compelling reading !


Genius said...

the economic effectin otself may be a good thing. The US has (failing some querk of technology) no chance at all to stay ahead of china and india it is beast that they crash into insignificant rather than slowly sink into it.

What concerns me (from the safety of NZ) is not that the US will decline (which, as I said, looks inevitable anyway) or even that the US might invade iraq or whatever, it is instead that the US might in some delusion if its own power try to fight china or take othr desperate actions of a declining power (such as fighting to secure resources or becoming facist in the worst sense of the word)

Steve said...

You're right, the fights we see emerging are fights over the table scraps of the 20th century. Fights to secure enjoyment of a way of life that is wholly unsustainable. The transitioning economies want a piece of that action, and hence conflict will naturally result.

Lily said...

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