Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The neoconservative geniuses who believed invading Iraq would bolster both U.S. and Israeli interests in fact have accomplished the exact opposite -- handing both military and public-relations victories to their sworn enemies. ... If the Bush administration dares to move militarily against Iran, as it has an almost uncontrollable itch to do, we will become mired in a bloody conflict that will know no borders.
Robert Scheer

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Genius said...

Ill go all conspiricy theory and suggest---

Maybe someone out there just wants to encourage / permit a full scale shiite / sunni battle with the idea that a divided enemy is weaker than a united one and an enemy which demolishes its own infrastructure is less dangerous than a prosperous one.

That sort of logic would require a very pessimistic attitude towards their relations with muslim groups - but I expect there are many people who do have such a pessimistic attitude.

Certain groups (on both 'sides') have a powerful weapon in that they know certain other groups will work very hard to oppose what they try to do. It gives one the potential to cause great evil while looking like a saint, or as least a ernest idiot.