Sunday, June 11, 2006

Major Electricity Crisis in Auckland Today!

If this isn't a wake up call what is?

It just shows what happens when the lights go out. The largest city in New Zealand has ground to complete a halt. Electricity has been out since this morning because a single 110-kilovolt feeder line broke.

Basically life is cancelled today in Auckland.

I wonder - will people get it? Will this wake up the comatose public as they walk up and down stairs to their highrises apartments. No infomercials on channel 1 tonight at 7pm. Some people couldn't even leave their buildings because the gates powered by electricity didn't work.

Traffic gridlock, total fucking chaos, and news that drivers are simply ignoring the law, driving the wrong way on way streets and road raging at blocked intersections. Civilisation exists on a razor edge - when the lights go out we are back in the dark ages.

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