Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hon Harry Duynhoven at odds with Prime Minister

I suggested to Harry Duynhoven that mainstream opinion about when peak oil might occur was not synonymous for bullshit "business as usual" international energy agency rhetoric. I pointed out to Harry that the Prime Minister agrees with me, not him nor the IEA. And I suggested he should garner the guts to say that the Prime Minister's opinion like mine and many others is just scaremongering nonsense as he (by inference) suggests?

Rt. Hon Helen Clark

"we're probably not too far short of peak production, if we're not already there"

Hon Harry Duynhoven
"Based on current advice, oil production seems likely to peak sometime between 2021 and 2067, with probability highest around 2037. It is not the mainstream opinion for oil to peak in this decade."

This morning I received a letter from the Hon Harry Duynhoven, it simply restated the above quote. It's hard to imagine Harry Duynhoven as anything more intelligent than a retarded parrot, furthermore by calling me stupid (by inference) he's in fact calling the Prime Minister stupid. She should sack him, he's a gutless waste of space.

Steve McKinlay

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