Wednesday, June 28, 2006

NZ's Energy Problems Coming Home to Roost!

The trade deficit is out of control and while the evidence mounts that we are at peak oil now, or at least before the end of the decade rabid fuckwittery by the government is not in short supply with yet further announcements of motorway building spending sprees...
Trade deficit explodes Govt crosses its fingers

Aucklanders ought to prepare themselves for further power cuts this winter as energy consumption maxes out with tedious regularity.
Electricity demand hits another high

Don't expect to catch public transport - railway industrial action means there is no room on the trains.

And as the US "driving season" gets underway - expect further rises in the price of petrol.
Oil Prices Surge as Stocks Plunge

Yet the comatose obese public (continue to be fed by the equally corpulent, brain-dead media) all pimped out on "Dancing with the Stars" and Nicole Kidmans wedding worry about whether they should hock the mortgage to buy the new Ford Explorer, as they continue to munch down the Cheezels. Cluelessness abounds as we steadily march towards the cliff all the while extending the quarter acre suburban dream beyond the 1 hour commute barrier.

Don't worry punters "I'm sure they'll come up with something" (yeah right)

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