Friday, June 09, 2006

For my fans (all three of you)

I'm now streaming (mainly cos I got a gig in Second Life dj'ing haha) audio. What that means is I am now able to inflict my music on you (if you so desire).

You just need Winamp (downloadable free via the link) and if you're not using it to play your music on your computer your just silly - it's way the best.

Once you've got winamp, or if you already have it. Then use this URL. or if you have no luck with that the IP version is (click on the File menu then, Play URL, cut and paste the link in)

I'm not always streaming, but, well tune in and you'll find out. What will I be playing, check out my profile and you'll get an idea.



cynic boy said...

Hey there Steve,i took your advice and its pretty cool,it provides me with some good backround tunes when im trawling the internet forums for ignorant "infotainment zombies!"to rip into.
As you know, there is no shortage of
Corporate loving,mindless burbinites to wake up!!
Keep up the good work my friend!
Cynic Boy.

Steve said...

Cheers cynic,

last night was a bit of an experiment but I managed to actually get 4 people listening in at one point - so I'll have to update the last blog to "4 fans" haha.